Rarely i'll join a roleplay as myself,Most of the time i'll roleplay as myself in the chat


My current avatar is located on the right.----------------------------------->

My personality can Differ, in chat, i'll be weird,Insane,demonic,stupid

Sometimes in the chat i'll be,Intelligent,random,Demonic

Out of the chat, I'll tend to be serious,Smart,insane.

Better information about me

"Uh hey, some people tend to mistake me for Nightmare Foxy, due to me looking exactly like him, But....I'm not..Now that you know that i'm not Nightmare Foxy, How about i introduce myself Properly, I'm NightmareFoxy656823,You'll see me around, editing things sometimes, anyways, as you know, I'm female,hence it saying it on my wall....I'm one of the admins here, you'll see me roleplaying sometimes, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask...Now for my personality, it does say my personality up ubove this, but, the truth is, my Personality is determined by the mood i'm in....That's all for now"

Information about 328656yxoFeramthgiN

"If you see 328656yxoFeramthgiN, Here are some tips:Most of the time she will speak backwards, sometimes she will speak other languages, Sometimes she will speak upside down.....If you want her to stop, than just say 'Could you please stop,it's getting a little bit annoying' and most of the time she will stop..."

328656yxoFeramthgiN Avatar

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How to kill NightmareFoxy656823 & 328656yxoFeramthgiN

In roleplays, you can kill me by:Taking my soul,Ripping my heart out,Stabbing me in the head, cutting off two of my limbs and making me bleed to death....More ways to kill me coming soon :D

You can kill 328656yxoFeramthgiN by:There are no current ways on how to kill this creature

My Alternate accounts



More Alternate accounts coming soon

Drawing your characters

On a rare occasion, I'll do requests,They will have no colour....It takes me quite a while to draw things.If i can upload your drawing, i will..

I'll add more information to this page soon