C̴re̵͞é̴̛p̵͏ ͞E͟.̴̕ ̡̕C͘o͞y҉o͢t̨e̕ ̴̵(̛̕i͡ń̢ ̡c̵̢ǫ̢̡yo҉t̴e̶̢ ̵̡f̷or̴͡m)̡҉
Creep E. Coyote Human
Ù̴͡sȩ̴͞r ̧Inf̀͘͝o̴͠r̢͠ḿ̢͝a̢ţio͝҉n̸͢͞
Known as

Creep E, Creep, Coyoi (by Sp3ctr3EX), Roman

Species Human


Color Flesh
Starting location FNaF 1-2-3-4 Legends page
First appearance January 21, 2015
Uhh, tonight's your final night, isn't it? Heh, you're gonna have a bad time.
— Creep E. Coyote

Creep E. Coyote is one of the users on the FNaF 1-2-3-4 Legends wiki. He is on Team 87 and Team Femangle.


I'm a 6' 3 tall 17-year-old teenage boy with a vertical reach that can touch the ceiling. I have facial hair, a lithe but well-muscled body, and can run quite fast, althought my stamina for doing so can get easily drained.



My personality is just like Foxy's, Kramer's, and Papyrus' all thrown together. I'm caring and upbeat most of the time, always slipping in a joke whenever I see the opportunity, although I can sometimes be a bit of a wiseass, intentionally or otherwise. I'm sometimes overly literal, too, and I like to act cryptic and mysterious at times, using ample words. I also do have a bit of a temper, that can get triggered by even the most minor of things, so don't take it too personally if I start getting short with you.


I will appear periodically throughout the day, staying only for 5 minutes or so before leaving, but I can also appear between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and I will stay until 8:30 pm or a little afterwards, should this happen. When active, I will usually visit threads that I have visited before, checking on what other people have put down, then I will check out other threads and reply to any that catch my attention.



^------- Creep E. Coyote in FNaF World.

When I play games, I'm normally calm and collected, narrating what I'm doing and what's happening, making jokes whenever I see the opportunity, and casually making fun of the antagonists of the game. I usually spew out a bunch of random gibberish if something startling happens in the game, and I usually complain about the situation if it results in downfall. If I come across an issue, such as an enemy attacking or a difficult challenge to overcome, I usually boast about my good qualities, like my strength, intellect, and incredibly sexy good looks, usually to be followed by embarrassing failure.

If I get killed once too often, I get quite frusturated and verbally abuse the opponent, and if the opponent is a player on a multiplayer server (like SkyWars on the Minecraft server Hypixel) and says something obnoxious like "get rekt" or laughs at me when I die, I get into fits of rage and yell/growl profane language at the player. This is why I like to leave the game as fast as possible once I die; so that player don't get a chance to say something obnoxious directed at me.

The most impressive thing concerning my gameplay, however, is that once I feel like I can't do something, I just scream out "IN THE NAME OF _______, I SUMMON THE POWER!" (the "_______" in question being people/places/things that are related to the game), and then there becomes a 99.99% chance that I'll actually accomplish the thing that I thought I couldn't do previously, which usually results in me doing it. For example, when I was on the final phase of Sans' attack in Undertale (which I absolutely could not do) I yelled "IN THE NAME OF ALL THE PLAYERS YOU'VE KILLED AND OF TOBY FOX, THE CREATOR OF THIS GAME... I SUMMON THE POWER!", and then I beat him.


I have many special powers. I have an incredibly intellectual mind, and I can use it for both good and evil. I also have supernatural powers that seem to have no limitations, as well as spectral energy, but both of these use up mana. I am also able to deploy a seemingly innumerable amount of Halo weapons, and the two that get used the most are the Energy Sword and the Gravity Hammer (not particularly in that order). I'm also able to shape-shift into a heavily tattered animatronic coyote at will, and I can jump into video game worlds, too. But the most powerful ability I have is when I "summon the power", for lack of a better name for it. I just scream out "IN THE NAME OF _______, I SUMMON THE POWER!" and then I get access to dozens more magical abilities. It really drains my mana, though, but it really depends on how many people/places/things I summon the power in the name of, and also how powerful those people/places/things are.




  • Me and my family are Christians.
  • Despite being 17 years old, I has facial hair, and a lot of it. I have a mustache, a beard, a soul patch, and hair on my cheeks, as well as long sideburns.
  • I am quite skilled at Doodle Jump.
  • I have played and researched Minecraft so much that I have practically become a Minecraft expert. (Keep in mind that I'm not an official one.) I have memorized every crafting recipe, can defeat any mob I come across (save for those ultra-hard ones such as the Ender Dragon and the Wither), and have even figured out the true meaning of the End Poem.
  • I am both autistic and gifted.
    • I was told that this meant that I was "doubly special".
  • I have an IQ of 139.
  • My hair is brown, but it's so dark that it's practically black, especially when it's wet. (This is the same regarding my facial hair.)
  • I am 40% carnivorous, 59.9% omnivorous, and .1% herbivorous.
  • I play the piano, and am also quite good at it.
    • I have learned how to play "Still Alive" from Portal, among other things, and also taught myself to play "Toreador March" and the music box melody from FNaF 1 and 2, respectively, albeit being simplistic versions.
  • I have researched FNaF so much that I know nearly everything about it. Ironically, I'm not very good at the game itself.
  • I am very good at math, but I hate actually doing it.
    • I have actually found a mistake made in a math textbook when I was younger. Me and my mom emailed the author, and the author replied with saying "thank you for pointing this out" and that he would reprint the book without the mistake in it.
  • My voice is very deep. It's even deeper than my dad's.
    • People have said that when either of us are on the phone, we sound very similar.
  • I am the second youngest in my family, but I'm also the tallest.
  • I think Nightmare Bonnie looks like a cat. This is likely due to the whiskers.
  • I can make excellent imitations of a dwarven accent, Sgt. Shultz, and Freddy's laugh, as well as his voice (from the Hidden Lore).
  • My dad is an Earthbender.
  • I am a perfectionist. I (usually) like things to be/look as even as possible, I like the volume of the TV to be divisible by 5, and I like the pencils I draw with to be sharp enough to hurt my finger should I poke the point of it, but not enough to draw blood, among other things.
  • Despite being Canadian, I don't spell "color", "flavor", or "favorite" with a "u", which is the Canadian way of saying it. I spell them with no "u", because if they do have a "u", I think that it looks wrong.
  • It seems almost impossible for me to feel sadness. At times when people normally are sad, I seem angry or confused or frusturated. Tears leak from my eyes only when I get really angry, angry enough to kill someone, or if I'm extremely worried, but never when I'm sad, if at all.
  • I'm only afraid of fear itself and things jumping out at me. (This could be why I suck so bad at FNaF.)
  • My appearance in real life slightly resembles Shaggy's from Scooby-Doo.
  • I really like cardboard.
  • I am very good at looking guilty.
  • I like The Walking Dead, both the comic series and the TV series. (Not to be confused with Fear the Walking Dead, because I hate that version.)
  • I like Seinfeld and am very much like the character Kramer.
    • When I first saw Kramer when I was younger, I thought that he was Jerry Seinfeld but he had gotten electrocuted; this was because of his hair being tufted up.
  • I am right-handed, but when I do my everyday things, I occasionally attempt to do it with my left hand. This has led my mom to believe that I was meant to be left-handed.
    • Since then, I've been trying to use my left hand for doing everyday things, in hopes of becoming ambidextrous.
  • I am very good at making facial expressions that perfectly show how I'm feeling.
  • I know exactly what to do if a zombie apocalypse should happen.
  • My favorite Youtubers go in this order, from most favorite to least favorite: Markiplier, Game Grumps, VenturianTale, penguinz0, yamimash, jacksepticeye (and I'll add more when I think of more).