Bosco the Bat
Gender: Male
Occupation: Comedian
Species: Animatronic Bat
Color: Gray
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Bosco the Bat is an OC owned by Creep E. Coyote.


Bosco has light gray fur, pink nose, ears, and wing membrane, and icy blue eyes like Freddy's. His teeth like Foxy's, with long incisors. He has actual hands instead of thumb claws and has a microphone.


As a comedian, Bosco is very funny and humorous, always throwing in a joke whenever he sees the opportunity. He has been heckled before in his past, so he deals with criticism well. He also likes to humorously taunt people at times.


His endoskeleton arms are specially designed to be able to move at a high speed. If he spreads his wing phalanges apart and flaps his arms, he can fly. His endoskeleton feet have built-in magnets on the undersides that allow him to hang upside-down from the ceiling. He can toggle the amount of magnetic energy his feet can emit. He also has razor-sharp, pointy metal bits in his mouth that he can make jut out like needles. He uses these primarily during his jumpscare, but they can be used for other purposes, too. Oh yes, and he is also quite adapt at playing the piano.